Getting Started

We are here to answer your questions and help get therapy started for the tricky areas! See below to learn about our evaluation process, therapy style, & pricing.

Our Process


We offer free 30-minute consultation via phone to speak with our speech-language pathologist to discuss concerns, questions, and needs in a stress-free and commitment-free setting.


Comprehensive evaluation gathers in-depth information about your child. During the 90-minute evaluation, you can expect a parent interview to review intake paperwork, formal and standardized testing (dependent on concerns from parents and areas indicated in intake paperwork), and dynamic testing to determine strengths, challenges, and developmental gaps. Results will be discussed at the end of the evaluation and parents can expect a written summary following the evaluation with target areas and parent resources. An individualized plan will be created to help your child bloom.


As a travel-based therapist, therapy will be relationship-driven to help the child feel regulated (safe and happy). This eliminates driving around town for appointments with no need to entertain siblings in a waiting room since you're at home! During the 45-minute weekly therapy sessions, parents are welcome to participate in the session or take advantage of the extra time in the house. Sessions begin with a check-in about assigned homework and ends with a summary for the parent, with time to answer any questions and provide thorough parent education. Therapy is not a quick fix; progress is made when parents are included and feel ready to implement tips and tricks between sessions.

Based on evaluation findings, therapy will target the challenging areas with a holistic view to ensure proper breathing, speaking, oral habits, chewing, & swallowing. Therapy is child-led & play-based to meet the child where he or she is to set them up to communicate with confidence & eat a variety of foods without stress!

A written evaluation report can be faxed directly to your pediatrician, school, or any other providers a part of your child's team, upon request.

Therapy Techniques & Tools

Below are some of the therapy techniques & tools that may be utilized during the evaluation & therapy sessions.


PROMPTS for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets (PROMPT) is a holistic approach to motor speech challenges and utilize a specific framework that includes the following systems: physical-sensory, linguistic, and social-emotional. The therapist follows a tactile cueing system while providing light touch to the articulators (lips, tongue, cheeks) for each speech sound. These cues are commonly integrated into play with unique and meaningful words selected.

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Pretend Play

Pretending and imaginary play is highly encouraged!

Evidence-Based Language Strategies

For younger children, research-based techniques like language expansion and extension, are beneficial to increase language for "late talkers." Parents are educated in different techniques and how to implement during play time with their child.


Books are great to target many different areas! Some favorites to target social thinking are WeThinkers & A Little Spot of... series.

TalkTools, Myomunchee, & Simon Says Programs

TalkTools has a variety of tools that are implemented during therapy and take an OPT (Oral Placement Therapy) approach. Some of our favorites are the Sensi stick (pictured) to provide tactile input on the face to bring greater awareness to the articulators (lips, tongue, cheeks), chewy tubes to strength jaw muscles, & bite blocks to improve jaw stability. The Myomunchee is great to reorganize the chew and swallow, and reintegrate nasal breathing. To target nasal breathing for overall health and improving oral motor control, SimonSays - Tiny Tongue Tips program will be implemented.

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We play lots of games! Goals & targets are blended into games so the work is disguised as play.


The jaw, tongue, and lips all work together to prepare food to be swallowed. If there is instability, muscle weakness, or inability to control food, feeding challenges will be present. A child called a "picky eater" may have previously overlooked oral myofunctional challenges. We work to desensitize and keep the body regulated when trying new foods while targeting the oral myofunctional challenges.


Play, Grow, & Bloom is a private-pay clinic and is out-of-network for insurances but can provide you with documentation to submit for reimbursement to your insurance company.

Initial Evaluation

We offer an hour-and-a-half evaluation at your home with our speech-language pathologist. You can expect a parent interview, standardized assessment, dynamic testing, and play to get to know your child.

$160 /session

Therapy Session

Weekly forty-five minute sessions conducted in your home. Personalized homework and strategies will be provided that are tailored to goals which were targeted during the session.

$80 /session

Service Areas

We travel to the following areas:

  • Ada

  • Alto

  • Caledonia

  • Lowell

  • Middleville